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McQueen Kids Car Nameplate | For New Generation

The McQueen kids car nameplate is an exciting gift for new parents with a love of cars. It can be personalized to include the name of your child or favorite cartoon character. The McQueen Kids Car Nameplate is available in different colors to suit your child’s bedroom décor. This makes this nameplate a great option if you want something that will last through more than one child!

The McQueen Kids Car Nameplate Is An Awesome Gift For New Parents With A Love Of Cars

If you have a child who is obsessed with cars, then the McQueen Kids Car Nameplate is an excellent gift for you.

This nameplate can be placed on any wall in your home and will make a great addition to any child’s room. It will also bring joy to your little one!

Personalize The Nameplate With Your Child’s Name Or Favourite Cartoon Character

Choose from our wide range of characters and symbols, which include Disney princesses, superheroes, Minions, and Paw Patrol characters.

If you want to personalize the label with a special message instead of just their name then we can also do that too! Just get in touch with us.

This McQueen Kids Car Nameplate Falls Under Affordable Price Tag

This McQueen Kids Car Nameplate falls under the affordable price tag. You can compare it to other nameplates and you will find that this one is very reasonable in terms of price. It is available at most reputed online store Hitchki, so you don’t have to worry about buying from an unreliable source.

This Car Kids Nameplate From Hitchki Can Really Add Some Personality To Your Kid’s Room Or Nursery

The McQueen Kids Car Nameplate is a great gift for new parents who want to personalize their baby’s room or nursery. It’s made of metal and can be attached to the wall or door, depending on your preference. You can customize it with any name you choose, whether it be your child’s name or even their favorite cartoon character! This nameplate is sure to add scam some personality to any room in no time flat!


This kids car nameplate is perfect to gift a new parent and for a child care center. You can shop from Hitchki for many options for nameplates. Choose your favorite with affordable prices and get easy access to the site from anywhere in India

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