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Attractive designs of wooden wall hangings in spiritual designs of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha and other Gods  would enhance the beauty of your living room. It reflects ones individuality with a positive, optimistic and celebrate with view point living a life full of passion that is open to discovery.The first thing that catches everyone’s attention as they enter your home is the door sign of your house. These wooden plates with your name in your front door gives an elegant and attractive look too. Your home should be a place with happiness and peace. So hanging one would give an added value to your home and office.

Name Plate for House & Office

   Dream House Wooden Nameplate for House or Office
Dream House Wooden Nameplate for House or Office
A dream home with beauty of nature around, in the sky amidst beautiful clouds… that’s the theme and idea behind this design. (chhota sa ghar hoga, baadlo ki chhao me) made with hard and thick ply board, natural stones are used, a very strong jute string is used to hang the garden plaque.

Personalized Name Plate for Kids

 Beautiful Auto Rickshaw Nameplate for Kids
Beautiful Auto Rickshaw Nameplate for Kids
A funky look of this nameplate will surely grab attention of the young ones, can be made in 2 colours – blue and pink for brother and sister duo. Completely hand painted and self designed. Given a hanging to give it dimensions. This the best gift to your kids to make them happy and joyous.  We have used Plywood as base,Work has been done in layers, We have used strong adhesives, layered it with coats of varnish.

Key Holder/ Key Hanger made of Wood

 Buddha Wooden Keyholder 
This Key holder is beautifully designed keeping the aura of Buddhism in mind.
Buddha Wooden Keyholder
This Key holder is beautifully designed keeping the aura of Buddhism in mind. Peacefully meditating Buddha will bring calmness to your surroundings. We have used natural wood for the base, Buddha idol is made with fiber, wooden buttons and beads are adding to the look. all the material is fixed with very strong adhesives. 4 holders are given to hang the keys, 2 hooks at the back to hang it on the wall. 

Wooden Photo Frames

 Wood Bark Photo Frame Decoupage
Wood Bark Photo Frame Decoupage
We designed this photo frame with natural material mainly. That gives it a rustic and warm look and feel. All the material is fixed with strong adhesives, coated with layers of varnish.  Given 2 hooks at the back to fix it on the wall. A little heart hanging is placed with a string, 2 wooden flowers are completing the look. 
This photo frame is designed with wood bark, one of its own kind of design. We have used Dry flowers and cones for decoration. The small Heart is decorated with small beads. It is a very beautiful wedding/ birthday/ Diwali gift, Whole work is varnished later on for better finish and long life. We have used Plywood for the base and given 2 hooks at the back to hang it on the wall.

Beautiful Candles & T Lights

 Natural Wood Slice Buddha T Light  & Candles
Natural Wood Slice Buddha T Light
Bring Calmness and Spirituality of Lord Buddha in your house. The whole arrangement is designed to keep it close to nature. Its rustic look can lighten up any corner or table top. A picture will be provided to arrange all material in same place for the perfect and beautiful look. The flower arrangement is done with Artificial flowers. The Jute Stand is also handmade. The Buddha idol is made with fiber. We have made 3 tea light holders. this is a very beautiful gift for Diwali, Housewarming or Birthday.

Handmade Bangle Box

 Jute Bangle Box  Flowery Decoupage bangle Box
Jute Bangle Box Flowery Decoupage bangle Box
This is a MDF wood box, which is decorated with a very strong jute cloth, some parts of the cloth are painted too. We have decorated it with artificial and jute flowers, beads are also used for decoration. There is a wooden stick inside to hang the bangles. It is a very beautiful bridal gift or can be used for festive gifting.

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Our brand is all about passion for art and creating handmade stuff. We are located in Delhi NCR, Noida. We provide you some of the best artworks specially the wooden artworks or crafts like name plates/plaques for house, flats, apartments, rooms, kids rooms, doors, study tables, desks, your beautiful wall, garden or to be used at the main entrance of your villa or bungalow. I founded Hitchki. My household help assisted me in setting it up. She is now trained in handicrafts and can make interesting things herself. She continues to learn more. She is not highly educated in the formal sense of the word. But her sense for art is commendable. She is only 25 years old. In addition to her, one more person comprises Team Hitchki. His role is packing and despatch and logistics. He is only 23 years old. All of us work hard to take Hitchki places. The journey so far has been a tremendous one. We welcome you to our trip.We are inspired by almost everything around us and specially with wooden crafts in different forms of cultures, colors and designs! Hitchki brings you the range of traditional yet contemporary designs!We deliver all over the globe, however this might incur some extra courier charges as per your location. Like while searching for a name plate maker near me you’ll meet us online and ask us to deliver in your locality like Gurgaon/Gurugram, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahemadabad, Pune, Goa, Noida, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ernakulam,  Dwarka, Chennai, Karnal, Haryana, Delhi, Ambala, DLF, Airport City, Kochi, Kolkata, Panipat, Chandigarh, Telangana, Bhopal, Srinagar, Jammu, Bombay, Thane, Pune, Indore. Our designs are made not just wood but a lot of love.We hope you like what we are trying to do and welcome your feedback!

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Unique Home Name Plates for House

Get handmade customized and unique Wooden Name Plates for your House/Flats. Also, visit designed kid’s name plates. We make customized designer house nameplates for you and make available at your door-step for your walls, flats, apartments, bungalow, villa, etc.

Unique Designer Embroidery for House

Get the best with Unique Designer Embroidery Wall Clocks in India. Customizable Embroidery Wall clocks by Hitchki. Decorate your Home and Office with Embroidered Wall Clock. Unique and Premium Embroidery clock at best Prices.

Special House Warming Gift Items

Decorate your new house, office, and your workplace with the Creative Unique House Warming Gifts for Home Decor and office decor. Select the best artworks by yourself from our wide range of home decor. Not only this but also get a customized one.

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