Stainless Steel House Name Plate with Laser Engraving


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Steel House Name Plate

Stainless Steel House Name Plate – Sturdy, Strong & Elegant, as the name suggest. SS-304 is used in the process. Laser engraving is done on the plate after treating the SS sheet, making engraving permanent.

  1. Material used – Stainless Steel 304.
  2. Laser engraving is done on the SS Sheet. Coating is done on SS sheet, after engraving, making the engraving permanent.
  3. The Plate can be placed outside the house in open. It will not be damaged by rain / water / sunlight / moisture / rubbing.
  4. Holes are done in the plate. SS Studs, screws come along with it (comes with all material needed to fix it).
  5. Design is provided to customer before production is started.
  6. SS 304 is used, as a result there will not be any damaged due to rust.

Size – 12 x 4 INCHES.