Company Acrylic Reception Wall Name Plate (Transparent Acrylic Base)


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Company Acrylic Reception Wall Name Plate (transparent acrylic base) only at Hitchki. This is a Acrylic Reception Wall Nameplate, made at the request of our customer. The nameplate is made in acrylic material and will last for a long. It will be customized as per the customer’s requirements.

  1. Material – Acrylic sheets.
  2. It will not be damaged by rain/sunlight/rust/moisture. It can be placed in open space.
  3. Studs & screws come along with it, making the installation process easy (comes with all materials needed to install).
  4. The plate can be printed in any color/design as the customer wants.
  5. It is safely packed taking all precautions to ensure safe delivery to customers.

Size – 48 x 8 INCHES.


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