Acrylic House Name Plate (Waterproof)


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Golden House Name Plate Acrylic Embossed Letters Customized. This is a Acrylic house name plate (waterproof) made up of Acrylic material. A white acrylic sheet is used in the base in support of the Golden acrylic sheet. The shine of the name is permanent, customers can see in their face in the nameplate reflection.

  1. Material used – Acrylic sheets.
  2. High end CNC laser technology is used for the cutting process. The name Plate will have smooth curves & edges.
  3. The plate will not be damaged by rain/water/sunlight/termites/rust. It can be placed outside the house in open.
  4. Holes are made in the plate. It comes along with studs & screws making the installation process easy (it comes with all materials needed to fix).
  5. Design is 100% customizable.
  6. Name is safely packed for delivery to the customer taking care of all safety instructions.
  7. Customers will get a preview of the nameplate design before production is started.

Size – 14 x 7 INCHES


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