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handmade wooden nameplate

House Unique Handmade Wooden Nameplate Maker in Gurgaon

Searching for a Beautiful Branded Personalized Handmade Wooden Nameplate in Gurugram for your New House? Have a look at this beautiful collection from HITCHKI.

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Ganesha Ethnic Wooden Name Plate

We have given this nameplate a vibrant combination of different colours, Ganesha and Flowers are giving ethnic look, We have used Plywood as base, work is done in layers. Ganesha idol is fixed in its place. Name plaques are made with natural wood. We use laser-cut names and fix them with strong adhesives. Text Limit- 8-9 letters for the upper plate, 6-7 letters for the lower plate.

Size- 14*8

House Handmade Wooden Nameplates

Hitchki provides the best quality of handmade wooden nameplate online with free shipping. It is the best seller in Gurugram. The design of the nameplate is unique & with the best material.

Family Faces Wooden Hut Beautiful Nameplate

name plate with faces for family house

Wooden Hut Family Name Plate With Faces

Happiness is homemade, the house look with faces of the nameplate and names of all family members celebrates the togetherness of a beautiful family. Further customization is also possible, like adding an address. We have used natural wood as a base, Work has been done in layers, We have used strong adhesives, layered it with coats of varnish. Text limit- 7-8 letters per name.

Natural Wood Log Buddha Nameplate

Natural Wood Log Buddha name Plate

Buddha- the symbol of Positivity, mental peace and calmness. We tried to design this art piece keeping in mind His positivity that may influence our lives. natural wood slice is used to keep the rustic feel. The base is made with a natural wood slice. coats of varnish given for long life of the product. text limit- 2 names can be added, max. 8 letters per name.

Size- 13*13 inch

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