Unique Design Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Name Plate (Waterproof)


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Transform your entrance into a vibrant reflection of your style with our Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Nameplate, a waterproof masterpiece from our latest collection, available exclusively at Hitchki.

Product Description: 🌈

Elevate your nameplate game with the Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Name Plate, a testament to personalized style and durability. This nameplate, part of our latest collection, is crafted with precision to reflect your unique taste.

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof Design: ☔ Bid farewell to worries about weather damage! Our Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Name Plate is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring that it remains a beacon of color and style in all seasons.
  • Easy Installation: 🛠️ Designed for convenience, this nameplate comes complete with studs and screws for straightforward installation. Precisely placed holes in the plate make the process hassle-free, and all necessary materials are included.
  • Sturdy Construction: 🏗️ With a total thickness of 5-6 MM, this nameplate stands robust and resilient. The combination of vibrant aesthetics and durable construction ensures a long-lasting impact on your entrance.
  • Customizable Design: 🎨 Tailor the design to match your unique style! Our Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Name Plate offers 100% customization, allowing you to preview the design before production begins. The color theme is also adaptable to your preferences.
  • Laser-Cut Precision: 🔍 Experience the finesse of laser technology in the cutting process, providing the nameplate with fine, smooth edges and curves. Each detail is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Additional Product Details:

  • Made in India: 🇮🇳 Proudly crafted in India, our Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Nameplate represents the artistry and craftsmanship of the country. Each piece is a unique blend of tradition and modern design.
  • Size: 📏 Make a bold statement with the impressive size of 18 x 12 inches. This sizable nameplate ensures that your entrance reflects grandeur and personal flair.
  • Material: 🏡 Constructed from high-quality acrylic sheets, this nameplate boasts weatherproof resilience. Rain, water, dust, rust, or sunlight – no element can mar its vibrant colors or structural integrity.

Revitalize Your Entrance with Color: 🌟 Embrace the charm of customization and durability. Order your Multicolor Acrylic Hut Shape Nameplate (Waterproof) today and let your entrance speak volumes about your personality. Exclusively at Hitchki, where your style meets our craftsmanship! 🚪✨


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