Personalised Acrylic Home Name Plate (3D Embossed Letters)


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Hitchki allows its customer to make their home plates as per their own needs. This is an Personalised Acrylic Home Name Plate (3D Embossed Letters) – waterproof. Embossed letters are placed on top of the plate giving the plate a 3D look.

  1. Imported cast acrylic is used in making the same. Cutting is done through Laser technology.
  2. A black color sheet is used on the base & golden color embossed letters are placed on top.
  3. The nameplate has a glossy shine, the person can see their face in the nameplate reflection.
  4. Shine & finish plate has a longer life & not easily be damaged.
  5. Holes will be done on the plate, and studs & screws will be provided for installation along with the plate (comes with all material needed to fix).
  6. The design is 100 % customizable.
  7. The plate is completely safe to be placed outside the house. This plate will not be damaged by rain/water/sunlight/rust.
  8. Customers will get a preview of the final design before production is started.
  9. The color theme of the plate is customizable at the request of the customer.

Size – 14 x 18 INCHES.


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