Off White and Yellow Blend Resin Coated Nameplate


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Off White and Yellow Blend Resin Coated Nameplate. This handmade name plate is made up of premium epoxy resin material, with glossy finish, Available in many languages.

  • Premium quality nameplate for your home/flat/bungalow.
  • Suitable for installation in sun, rain and termite exposed areas.
  • Color/Pattern: (Oval shape Off white and yellow blend as base with golden wave highlights.
  • Dimensions: (14 Inch x 10 Inch) (35.56 cm x 25.4 cm)
  • Material Used: Laminated HDHMR used as base (5.5 mm of thickness). Embossed with black shiny acrylic letters, (2 mm of thickness).
  • Customization: Content can be customized as per your requirement. We will send you product preview before dispatching.
  • Disclaimer: Resemblance up to – 60-70% (As resin work is handmade product, it comes up with unique artwork each time).


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