Metallic Storage Box. Noor’s Art by Aman presents you with a wooden box which looks like a metallic box colour scheme of back, teal n silver with frames on corners n white beads to enhance its beauty,!!!

This box can be used for wedding purposes, gifting purposes, to store sweets or chocolates during the festive season,,.,!!!! This box is divided into 4 sections to store different varieties..!!!

The box is made with mixed media artwork where chalk colours and chalk powder is used to give emboss look .!!! This artwork is in trend these days. This is the handcrafted box so grab this box to store chocolates in the festive season and if you like sachets of tea then organise your sachets of tea, coffee and sugar in different sections of the box to give a nicer look to your table.

The material used: wooden box, chalk colours, gesso, chalk powder, air dry clay, final coat with clear lacquer.

dimensions: 8*8 *2.5inches


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