House Name Plate – Mild Steel


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Mild Steel Name Plates should be a treat to watch & must be eye-catching. This plate is designed with the best of our designers keeping in mind the requirements of the customer. The name plate has a Mild Steel base coated supported with Acrylic letters on top.

  1. Material – Mild Steel Coated with Acrylic.
  2. CNC Fiber Laser technology is used for cutting process, as a result plate will have smooth curves & cutting.
  3. The plate base comprises of Mild Steel Coated having a thickness of 2 MM supported with Acrylic Letters on top having a thickness of 3 MM.
  4. Thickness of the plate is customizable as per customer’s requirement (customer will be charged accordingly).
  5. Name Plate comes along with holes. Studs & screws are provided along with the plate (comes with all material needed to fix).
  6. Design is 100% customizable.
  7. The name plate is expected to have a life of 6 years & more.
  8. Name Plate is packed properly taking care of all safety instructions.
  9. Customer will get the preview of design before production is started.

Size – 23 x 18 INCHES.



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