Welcome to Noor’s Art by Aman, here we present you handcrafted candle stands with a Tray With Candle Stand from vintage era shades and designs which brings charm to your dining table …!!!!

Made of wood with metal handle and metal legs strong in nature can hold the weight of candle stands and other things of ur choice…!!!!!

Grab the opportunity to get connected with us and customise a tray or candle stand with your colour shades or you can order the same if you are also a fan of turquoise colours..!!!!

These kinds of shades are tough to find but you the brand where you can find all stuff of the vintage era and especially in handcrafted products..!!!

the material used: Pinewood tray and candle stands, chalk colours, air-dry clay for designs, texture paste for carving, metal legs and metal hooks, varnish for coating.

dimensions: tray 12*12 *3 inches and candle stands: 4, 6 and 8 inches

Customised vintage era dark shades Maroon and turquoise green colour with gold look


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