Multicolour Hand Painted Tray for Decor


Are you searching for the best Multicolour Hand Painted Tray for coffee table or to use the same for dining table? If yes, then you have come to the right place and looking at the right product in the form of a hand painted tray set of 3. As you can see, these are a multicolored woor serving tray available in traditional designer finish to get attention from all sides.

Serve for anything like tray decoration for birthday, engagement, or the baby shower. The multicolored pattern of the tray is the mjaor plus point that provides a unique outlook to the overall product. You can simply place anything into the different sizes of the plate and fulfil the purpose.

Made up of hard quality wood, such decorative plates are meant for long lasting usage. Plus, they are easy to clean and wash anytime you want.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 5 × 25 in



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