European Style Zingo Leaf Decorative Art


Have you ever heard of the attractive Zingo Art? If not, then see here before your eyes like this decorative item for wall decoration and adding a sense of enhanced appeal around. European Style Zingo Leaf Decorative Art is a decorative leaf wall artwork available in the form of art leaves in majestic patterns in golden, blue and white shades. The ideal addition is the placement of this leaf wall art decor that can be mounted on any part of the house.

A big size wall mounted decorative item is something that most interior lovers like to lay their hands on the same. Including you as well, take this decorative product at an affordable price with us.

Speaking of the ideal placement of these wall hanging decor items, you can mount the same on any wall of the house. But make sure to place it in the centre of the wall to catch glimpses of everyone around.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 2 × 30 in

Iron with Anti-Rust Powder Coating


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